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Joyland, Stephen King (Hard Case Crime [Titan Books], 2013)


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A new coming-of-age novel is on the block, and it’s from a rather unlikely suspect…


First there was Holden Caulfield, the “catcher”, and then the “wallflower” Charlie, but now Stephen King, typically known for his ability to thrill and terrify, has brought us Devin Jones, a new teenage protagonist we are able to empathise with.

Devin recounts the story of his time working at Joyland, a funfair in North Carolina, where he has taken up a summer work placement. In his 20s, he is nursing a broken heart from a previous love, naively believing she will change her mind; but it is another girl who will be on his mind throughout the summer.

Linda Grey had been found dead just four years previously after entering the Horror House ride. Her ghost still looms, and Devin, intrigued by the mystery, begins to dig deeper, making some horrifying discoveries…

King himself stated…

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Dear Perks of Being a Wallflower: Thank You


I do too.


Yesterday, I saw a movie called ThePerks of Being a Wallflower. In typical fashion, I had dragged my heels on seeing it in theaters, because I’m often lazy about that. And it had been on my Netflix queue for a while, but I’d sort of avoided it, because even though I’d heard it was good, I still wasn’t that interested. It actually accidentally ended up on the top of my queue, and then in my mailbox, because I wasn’t paying attention. And then it sat on my shelf for a while as I avoided watching it. Because, you know, it’s a movie about some awkward teens in high school, and, well, nothing much happens, so I’d rather watch Suits.

But then I felt guilty about it sitting on my shelf, because I never like to do that for too long. So I told myself I had to…

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Pure happiness can come from little things like reading good book and listening to music.

I really believe that youth should really read more. It’s more fun, I guarantee! There is a moment when you are reading that you feel like you are one of the characters in the story. You have became one of the fiction and you just escaped the real world for a moment. It is enchanting. And I really want the kids to feel it too. If you do, then you are also one of the few luckiest existence because you can be whoever you want, wherever you want. The journey ahead of you is infinite.

And the thing is, few people spent their lives searching for happiness when I felt it every moment I sit down with a book in my palm and music in my ears.